How to Dance at a Party Without Embarrassing Yourself

February 10, 2020

No matter where you lie on the introvert and extrovert scale, being at a party is a great destination to get your body moving. Not just moving the body by going from one room to another. No, it is a destination to bust out your best dance moves.

You don’t have to a member of the Jabbawockeez to be able to dance effectively either. Some movements are more intricate than others, but others are simple enough to allow for even the wariest of us to have fun. If you have enough time before the party, you can attend classes and improve your ability to dance.

Alternatively, you can follow this guide on how to dance at a party without completely embarrassing yourself:

1. Practice dancing before the party.


Dancing at a party can be overwhelming. If you are still nervous about dancing in front of a crowd at a social gathering, the best idea to act on is to practice first. If you are by yourself at home, put some music on and move according to the sounds. Practice makes perfect, and these rehearsals will teach you how to dance at a party.

Should you find yourself at the party, in need of getting comfortable first, find a bathroom and practice moving in front of the mirror. Dancing by yourself allows your body to develop muscle memory, which goes a long way in allowing you to permanently remember specific movements.

2. Try dancing alongside a partner.

There is only so much practice you can do before engaging in any sort of activity. To maximize your effectiveness on the dance floor, try dancing with a partner first. This could be someone at the party or a family member.

You don’t have to actually touch the person you are dancing with either. All that is required is that you put some good music on, which will allow you both to get familiarized with a rhythm. Once both of you have synchronized your movements, you are in a great position to start dancing with others at a party.

3. Watch online dance tutorials.

The Internet is a great resource for virtually anything. We can simply type in our inquiries into YouTube, for example, and find a plethora of tutorials made by users for a general audience. The same applies to learning how to dance at a party.

The best videos are found by typing in key phrases such as “how to dance at a party.” From there, you can learn various moves from multiple individuals before implementing them at a party. Also, watch music videos as well. You’d be surprised at how quickly your body can adapt to moves done by your favorite artists.

4. Dance with the party beat.

If you are a beginner at a party, the best way to move your entire body is with the music. Depending on the music playing at the party, you’ll be able to do this quite easily. All you have to do is step with the beat.

There is no need to feel awkward about the way your body moves. Remember, you’re at the party to have fun. Relax, smile, and proceed to step back and forth with the beat. Once your legs are comfortable with the beginner movements, allow your arms to mimic the same movement.

5. Add more dance moves when you feel comfortable.

Once you’ve mastered the basics of moving your body to a beat, you can then add in more moves. Try to allow your body to find a certain rhythm; this will help synchronize both basic and more advanced moves.

If you are dancing a party, look at others who are dancing as well. Implement their moves into your routine and develop your rhythm accordingly. It’s also recommended that you keep an adequate amount of space around you as well. Bumping into people at every turn is not part of a good rhythm!

6. Join in dancing with the others.

The great thing about parties is that others on the dance floor are there to have fun. Once everyone is on the dance floor, feel free to join in with them too. Most of the time, the group will welcome you in and, from there, you will be able to develop a harmonized rhythm.

Dancing with others at a party is a great way to hide any holes in your routine. Most of the time, the group is just on the dance floor to have fun at the party. Make your mistakes; everyone will be having too much fun to notice!

7. Be confident about your dance.

The most important part of dancing at a party is having fun and being confident while doing it. Don’t be afraid to get goofy or a little loose; do whatever you feel is the best way to engage your body. Taking yourself too seriously only hampers your ability to synchronize with the dancefloor and others.

You don’t have to be a pro at dancing to have a great time at a party. Start small, and build your rhythm as the night goes on. Bust out that moonwalk and have a blast!