7 Career Paths After Completing A Teacher Training Program

August 17, 2018 0

A teacher-training program in Ontario opens up an array of opportunities for you. Among these is a BEd degree from Western’s Faculty of Education, which qualifies you for the instantly recognizable Ontario Teaching Certificate. The competence, knowledge, and skills that such a degree certificate provides you with can open you up to a host of job opportunities across Canada. The following are some of the career paths you can choose after the successful completion of an Ontario Teacher Training Program.

1. Teaching in Public, Private, and Independent Schools

The ability to teach in all schools in Canada provides graduates of an Ontario Teaching Certificate (OTC) with numerous opportunities. Besides being able to teach in public and private schools, the BEd graduates can ably teach in independent schools that provide flexibility and feature small class sizes. OTC graduates are, therefore, ready and prepared to teach across all types of schools in Ontario.

2. Teaching in Adult Education Centres, Colleges, and other Post-secondary Institutions

An Ontario Teaching Certificate also prepares graduates for teaching opportunities in various special education centres across Canada. As an OTC graduate, you can teach in various colleges and other tertiary institutions in Canada. Unless you opt to stay out of employment, it is almost impossible to remain jobless with an Ontario Teaching Certificate.

3. Developing and Writing Curriculum for Museums, Art Galleries, Prisons, etc.

An OTC does not just prepare you to teach in various institutions in Canada. If developing curricular for institutions such as prisons, museums and art galleries excites you, then you are an ideal candidate for an Ontario Teaching Certificate.

The certificate extends your prowess beyond teaching concepts and into developing and writing those concepts for institutions that are outside the formal definition of a school. It also equips teachers and other professionals with a post-degree qualification in education that prepares them for a wide range of careers in the education sector.

4. Teaching and Administration in International Settings

As an OTC holder, you are fully competent and qualified to teach in intenational schools and tertiary institutions. This versatility makes acquiring an Ontario Teaching Certificate a vital qualification for teaching anywhere in Canada. The certification also equips you with administrative skills that make you even more attractive to prospective employers. This is because employers are looking for well-rounded teachers who can double up as administrators in different institutional settings.

5. Corporate, Legal and Business Training

Besides training in other teaching disciplines, an OTC graduate can also choose to undertake corporate training to improve their appeal as teachers. You can enrol for training in accounting, entrepreneurship, or in communications and information technology. Depending on the field of business you are interested in, you can take a related business course that would add value to your OTC. You might also consider adding a legal studies component to your certification. This puts you in an ideal position to understand and interpret legal requirements and stipulations in the education sector.

6. Youth and Social Services

Your teaching career may end up taking you to areas involving youth and social services. An Ontario Teaching Certificate prepares you for this task as well. Understanding how to handle youth in various contexts will make you a more effective teacher. You also need to be flexible in adjusting to various social contexts where you may be called to serve.

7. Provincial and Federal Government Services

An Ontario Teaching Certificate sets you on a career path in the provision of federal and provincial educational services. If you are keen on shaping government policies and directions in education, then an appropriate BEd certification is a big plus. Besides, various federal and provincial agencies that deal with education are ideal places to work in.

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