6 Steps to Find an Employment Lawyer

January 31, 2018 0

Has the time come for you to seek advice on a work situation? Choosing an employment lawyer doesn’t have to be hard if you know what to look for and what to ask. There are plenty of great employment lawyers available in the world, and probably, in your area.

Here are some recommendations to guide you through the process of finding your employment lawyer.

1. Check the Law Firm’s Website

These days, many law firms have websites. If you Google ‘Employment Lawyer’ a list of lawyers in your area will come up. Review the website and lawyers available, this will give you an idea of the firm and if it could be right for you.

Check the website for updates, too. You want to make sure the firm and potential lawyer is aware of any changes to the law. Some lawyer’s also have portfolios. Review your potential lawyer’s portfolio to see what other cases they’ve handled. Look for press releases, video, audio, or other communications materials that can show you their authority on employment or labour law.

2. Arrange a Meeting

Once you’ve found a lawyer you think would be a good fit, contact the lawyer to set up a meeting. The first meeting could be a consultation so you and the lawyer can get a better understanding of your situation and if they can be of help.

Make sure you speak with the lawyer who would be handling your case, not a student or junior member of the staff. Ask the lawyer what the estimated cost would be for your claim. Ask about a likely outcome and what their suggested plan of action would be. This first meeting should help you understand whether your claim is a valid or not.

3. Look for Your Match

During the first meeting, feel out the lawyer to see if it’s a good match for you. Consider whether you and the lawyer will get along. It’s very important you feel comfortable with the lawyer so you can be honest and open; you need to trust the lawyer to help you.

If the first meeting does not go well, and you the lawyer do not get along, look for another firm and lawyer.

4. Know the Lawyer’s History

During the first meeting, you should also ask the lawyer about their previous experience in employment law and if they’ve worked on cases like yours before. Ask the lawyer how long they’ve been practicing and how often they’ve won employment cases.

5. Find out the Fees

At some point during your first meeting, you should ask your potential lawyer about fees. Depending on the experience and reputation of the firm, the fees will vary. More experienced lawyers will cost more and vice versa for those with a couple of years of experience.

Ask the lawyer how you will be expected to pay: will it be up front? Lump sum? Monthly bill? Some lawyers offer options for payment. Some lawyers also have “contingency fee arrangement,” which is called a “no-win, no-fee arrangement.” This is an agreement that means the lawyer is paid regardless of the outcome.

6. Ask Your Friends for Help

Last but not least, if time is of the essence, ask your friends, family, or colleagues, if they know a lawyer you could speak with. Take in as many recommendations as you can and then do your own research. The lawyer is going to be providing a service, so find out about the service and decide with the information you find.

Choosing an employment lawyer can seem like a daunting task. However, there are many great lawyers out there that are willing and ready to help you. Look for one in your area, as a local lawyer will probably be more available to you and you can meet face-to-face. Consider the size of the firm, too.

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