6 Best Countries to Work as a Dentist

March 10, 2018 0

If you are a dentist or if you plan to become one in the future, you should definitely read our list of best countries to work as a dentist, as you will learn many new and interesting things. Of course, this list will be of a crucial importance to those people who don’t mind moving abroad for the sake of earning more, although that may be an experience that will last for only a couple of years. Why would you stay in a country that does not pay you enough or does not give you lots of opportunities to improve yourself by working in a private sphere, when there are so many other countries with incredibly better conditions? It makes no sense to us, and we really explored a lot to make this list for you and to show you that the world is full of better opportunities. We can just imagine how it is to go through dental school, and we are certain that it’s not an easy job at all. It is why you should be rewarded properly, and you should do everything to make it possible. Read our list of best countries to work as a dentist, and maybe you will find the one that suits you best!

  1. Ireland

If you want to work as dentist in Ireland, you should know that the average annual salary for dentists in this country is $65,600. The salary is quite bigger than the one dentists get in the UK, being the reason why many dentists move from this country to Ireland.

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  1. Sweden

This beautiful European country will definitely offer you a lot no matter your profession, but if you are a dentist, expect your average annual salary to be around $70,300. However, in order to practice dentistry in Sweden, you need to learn the language, so start as soon as possible!

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  1. Japan

The average annual salary for dentists in Japan is $71,500. However, although the salary may sound quite attractive, you are not very likely to get the job as a dentist in Japan, since this profession is quite popular, and they have a large number of dentists.

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  1. Australia

Living in Australia can be quite exciting, and if you are a dentist, this may be one of the best countries to live in, as the annual salary for dentists here is $73,600. Dentists in Australia are the most respected professionals, so it would be an honor to get the job in this country.

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  1. United States

If you are lucky enough to work as a dentist in the United States, you will receive the average annual salary of $146,340. However, you should definitely explore the options in separate States, as the living conditions may greatly differ.

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  1. Spain

Last but not the least, Spain is definitely the best country for dentists, with the average annual salary of $176,000. This is the reason why many dental professionals decide to move to Spain, and you should definitely think about this option.

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