5 Types of Retirement Homes That Encourage Group Activities

October 5, 2019 0

Retirement home living is not what it used to be. Seniors remain active well into their nineties and even as centenarians. The following retirement residences represent retirement living at its best. These homes are the main types of homes that encourage regular senior activities and address specific care needs. Retirement homes are featured for people 50 and older.

1. Assisted Living Communities

A moderate level of care is provided in assisted living retirement communities. This retirement home permits seniors to live in their own dwelling, whether it is a condominium, apartment, or single-family residence. Seniors in this community receive help for vital or basic needs, such as meal preparation, medication administration, or transportation.

Some of the communities may also feature specialized care in the form of dementia care, or care that cover diseases such as heart disease, depression, or diabetes. Assisted living facilities usually do not provide health care directly. Instead, they work with healthcare providers to offer specific care. This permits residents to receive specialized care without the need to move to a nursing facility. You can find more info at Sienna Living.

2. Independent Retirement Homes

This type of retirement home allows seniors to live on their own. It is designed for healthy and active seniors. Residents can choose from a townhouse, condo, single-family home, or mobile home. People in these communities can live as part of a cooperative or rent their home. This community is basically a neighbourhood with age restrictions – usually 55+.

If you choose to live in this type of community, you can enjoy amenities, such as workout facilities, clubhouses, housekeeping, yard maintenance, and security. These properties also offer laundry services, transportation, social activities, and group meals.

3. Age-Restricted Retirement Homes

A retirement home in this type of community is listed for specific age groups – or 55+, 60+, etc. You can include independent retirement homes among these types of communities. Some communities are designed for a certain age group, but don’t have a restriction in place. In this case, they are considered to be age-target communities for marketing purposes. In age-targeted communities, anyone of any age can live in these venues even though they are designed for senior living, and offer senior conveniences and amenities.

4. Lifestyle Retirement Communities

You can also find a retirement home in a community that is based on a retiree’s lifestyle. The following are some of the lifestyle communities that cater to people age 50 and over:

  • RV retirement parks
  • Faith-based communities
  • Golfing communities
  • Artist retirement communities
  • Retirement communities for boaters
  • Gay and lesbian based communities
  • Manufactured home communities
  • Urban luxury apartments
  • Single-sharing homes
  • University-based retirement communities (for seniors who still want to learn)

The above listing allows a person to find a community that will suit his or her lifestyle requirements along with their location needs and budget.

5. Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs)

Another type of retirement home is one that is located in a continuing care retirement community, often referred to as a CCRC. This type of retirement community is a combination of assisted living, independent living, and a nursing home.

This type of community allows a senior to age in place in a home setting. While the senior can enjoy a certain degree of independent living, he or she can also receive assisted living services and skilled nursing care. Healthy seniors can live in CCRCs until they need medical care.

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