5 Tasks You Should Do in Your Moving Checklist

June 7, 2018 0

You are excited to get settled into your new house, but there’s still that one pressing matter that is weighing down on you: moving. The moving process can be stressful and strenuous if you approach it completely unprepared. It’s more than just choosing a reputable moving company, there is a lot more that goes into it, like thorough organization, getting the right materials and tools as soon as you can, as well as ensuring that you have all of your paperwork in order – especially if it is a long-distance move.

Here are a few tips and tricks that will make your big move run a little more smoothly:

1. Organize what to keep and what to sell off

Through the years of living in your old house, you likely have accumulated a lot of clutter and things that you probably just do not need anymore. There’s no sense in packing up all of the clutter along with you, especially if these are trivial things that you no longer need. Keep all of your essentials and see what you can sell off or toss out. Traveling minimally is the most ideal way to relocate.

2. Start gathering boxes as soon as possible

Obviously, a big part of the moving process is using a lot of boxes. That’s why you will need to gather as many of these as possible before you start packing up. You can usually find boxes at grocery stores if you ask a sales associate. Calling ahead of time to stores that move a lot of big box products may be the most convenient way of collecting larger boxes.

3. Make sure all your paperwork is completed

There is a lot of paperwork that needs to be completed before you make that relocation final. Your driver’s license, banking information, government documents etc. needs to reflect your new address. Make sure that your place of work has that same address as well, you wouldn’t want any important pieces of mail being routed to your old address.

4. Measure twice, move once

This step is to make sure that everything that you want to keep has a place in your new home. This means, for example, making sure that the couch is actually small enough to fit snuggly into your new living room and ensuring that you can move your bed into the new bedroom (and still have enough space to move around that room). With this step, you can avoid issues down the road.

5. Have an organized floor plan

After you can ascertain that all of your furniture will fit, you will want to ensure that you know where every piece of furniture in the house is going before it’s pulled off the truck. Movers will appreciate not having to lug things around more than they need to. Also, it may be useful to colour-code each furniture type to match with the room they’re going to be placed in.

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