5 Suave Ways to Upgrade Your Fashion Sense

February 7, 2018

Your clothes have a lot to do with how you’re perceived. If you want to be known as someone who makes an impact, your wardrobe needs to reflect your desires. Check out these five easy fashion suggestions to help you upgrade your style.

1. Invest In A Few Quality Pairs Of Shoes

Your shoes are one of the most influential parts of your outfit. Once you pass a certain age, you can’t just skate by wearing sneakers all the time. Upgrading your footwear is a significant key to improving your style.

If you’re starting your wardrobe from scratch, invest in a pair of quality dress shoes. Leather dress shoes are comfortable, durable and only require occasional cleanings. Skip the old school box shoe designs and opt for a more modern look.

2. Incorporate A Wooden Watch Into Your Wardrobe

Men’s wooden watches are an excellent way to add a unique flair to your wardrobe. Not only are wood watches stylish, but they are also sustainable and environmentally friendly products. Men’s wooden watches are especially great if your skin gets irritated from certain types of metal used on conventional watches.

One of the benefits of a wooden watch is they are resistant to heat. Leather bands on regular watches can expand or shrink when exposed to heat or moisture. Wood watches are able to retain their form when exposed both to heat and humidity.

3. Build Your Wardrobe Strategically

It makes no sense to have a wardrobe full of uncomfortable clothes or clothes that are difficult to match. If you have to spend time finding clothes that work well together, then it’s clear you need to streamline your wardrobe. Buying clothes that fit well together make it easy to create stylish outfits.

While building your wardrobe, start with a solid core of white and blue dress shirts. You can also get a variety of polos for casual encounters. As mentioned before, make sure you have quality shoes to match both casual and formal encounters. Buying your clothes in this manner ensures it isn’t a hassle to put together a good outfit.

4. Pay Attention To How Your Clothes Fit

Even if you buy beautiful clothes, they’re no good if they don’t fit correctly. It’s ok to wear oversized shirts and baggy pants around the home, but ensuring your clothes fit is a vital part of upgrading your wardrobe.

It’s hard to find clothes that fit you perfectly from the store. Getting your pants or shirts altered is a worthwhile investment that improves the look of even a simple item. If you come across an item you like, and it doesn’t fit, and it can’t be adjusted, stay away.

5. Take Care Of Your Clothes

Taking care of your clothes is essential to making your wardrobe last. It’s worth your money to invest in wood hangers for your suits, shoe trees to protect your shoes and a proper iron. It’s also a good idea to learn how to iron correctly, so you don’t end up ruining your fabric or leaving marks on your clothes.

Another way to take care of your clothes is to look up how to care for the materials in your wardrobe. You can’t wash and dry all materials the same, so it’s important to find out what’s best for your clothes. It’s also worth your time to learn a few techniques for getting rid of stains on your clothes safely.

Using these tips will make upgrading your style a simple task. Starting with a good foundation of quality shoes is the first step to improving your style. Make sure your clothes fit properly and that you learn how to take care of them. Following these tips will make developing your style a simple task!