5 Practical Questions You Should Ask Before Renting an Apartment

April 21, 2018 0

Furnished apartments can be great sometimes, and not so great in others. There are pros and cons on each side, but if you do find yourself renting a furnished apartment, you may realize that you have some concerns beforehand.

Any careful consumer would have quite a few questions to ask before agreeing to anything. What are some of the better questions to ask about a furnished apartment though? In the guide below, you will find five great questions to ask before renting a furnished apartment.

1. What Furniture is Included With the Apartment?

Before making a big decision like renting an apartment, it really helps to know what some of the specifics are regarding the apartment. Namely, the furniture within that apartment. You may be shocked to discover just how greatly apartment furnishings can differ. You may get an immaculately furnished apartment that has everything you could ever need, or you may get what is essentially an empty room with a few chairs. The last thing that someone wants to discover as they move into their new place is that there are key features missing, such as a bed.

2. Is Furniture Included in the Rent?

Alright, imagine that you have found the most amazing apartment with great furniture that comes along with it, and the price of rent is an absolute steal! You’re so happy and excited that you snatch it up and move in as quickly as you can. Yet, when you look at the rent, you notice that the sum is significantly more than what you agreed to. The price hike is due to fees for the furniture that have been slipped in under your nose, and now you’re stuck with the bill. It is an unfortunate thing that probably should not happen, but it does indeed happen. For this reason, you should ask if the furniture is included in the rent, possibly helping you to avoid any nasty surprises come rent time.

3. Does the Security Deposit Cover the Furniture?

Another way that you may have some unseemly fees slipped into your rent is via security deposits. Everyone expects to pay a security deposit when renting an apartment, but when it comes to a furnished apartment, you may find yourself paying double or triple what your standard security deposit would be. This is due to the furniture having a security deposit, as well, which is understandable in many cases, but it should be said up front that it is there. This is always a good question to ask before renting!

4. What About Pickup and Delivery?

If the furniture is not already in the apartment when you rent, then you will need to ask about the finer details of shipping and delivery. When is the delivery scheduled? Will there be a team to move the furniture in for you? If there is anything to assemble, will they assemble it for you? There are quite a few variables regarding furniture delivery that must be addressed beforehand.

5. Can I Pick Out the Furniture?

In some cases, you will actually be able to pick out the furniture that comes with your apartment, which is awesome. Although, many furnished apartments simply offer the furniture that comes standard. If you can pick out the furniture, however, then it is advised that you take the time to properly consider the options at your disposal. After all, this is the furniture that you will be living with hopefully for a while!

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