5 Guidelines to Prepare for Your Ancestry DNA Test

June 5, 2018

We have always been fascinated by genealogy. We want to know who our ancestors are, where our blood came from, how we got our surnames. This can only be achieved by developing a family tree, but sometimes family trees may not succeed because you’re missing a few parts.

This is where an ancestry DNA test enters the equation.

An ancestry DNA test can answer so many questions, settle so many differences, and even connect you with so many relatives (that is, if you want the headache of more relatives!).

Not convinced? Let’s explore further!

Here are five reasons why you should do an ancestry DNA test today:

1. Discover What Your Real Ancestry Is

For years, your parents have told you that your background is only Irish and Icelandic. Yet, for some reason, you have an affinity for Spanish cuisine, you enjoy listening to German classical music, and you often embrace the heat when it arrives. There must be something deep within your DNA.

Well, an ancestry DNA test can answer the age-old question: what is your background?

In addition to being Irish and Icelandic, you might have some Spanish, there may be some German in you, or you could have some ancestors from hot climates somewhere in the world.

2. Connect with Relatives You Didn’t Know You Had

It can be disappointing to know that you only have a couple of cousins south of the border, an uncle in Portugal, and a half-brother in the city. Don’t you wish you had even more relatives?

Well, this might actually be the case.

By taking an ancestry DNA test, you may find out that you have all of these cousins, nieces and nephews, and distant relatives all over the world. This can be exciting to find out, but, of course, you may need to weigh the pros and cons of connecting with these people whom you have never met.

3. Building a Family Tree? Get Some Assistance

A great hobby is to develop a family tree. A family tree allows you to dive deep into your past, your family’s history, and the beginning of your surname. It is really fascinating from the very start.

Unfortunately, you may hit a snag in the road and you will need to overcome a roadblock.

An ancestry DNA test can be a tool to take full advantage of when you’re creating a family tree. If you can’t seem to find the missing link between your great-grandparents and cousins, then this test can be of great use to you.

4. Follow the Path of Ancestors

You may have ancestors who traveled across Europe, made stops in Europe, or crossed the Atlantic Ocean and became a part of the American colonial period. This would be really interesting to determine.

An ancestry DNA test can provide you with records and provide a location to search for additional records. Indeed, eventually, you could follow the path of your migrant ancestors, even if it was three centuries ago.

5. These Tests Are Affordable

Years ago, an ancestry DNA test may have cost you an arm and a leg. Today, they’re only a few bucks. So, why not pique your curiosity, spend a few dollars, and find out who you really are?

It’s an investment that can pay dividends in the form of storytelling for future generations.

Legendary Scandinavian philosopher Soren Kierkegaard once wrote, “Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”

To understand who you are today, you must look in the rear view mirror. To live your life today, you must know who you are. If you have always felt different than your immediate family, or you have had a feeling that you might not only be of Italian descent, you need to undergo an ancestry DNA test. You can finally be in peace and go on about your days.