5 Frequently Asked Questions About Sexual Assault Lawyers

February 6, 2018

Sexual assault is a vaguely defined offence. It can include many different offences that don’t look anything alike, and can have a wide range of punishments in the event that someone is charged with and found guilty of sexual assault.

Sexual assault lawyers have generally worked on a number of sexual assault cases in the past, and are familiar with the laws, rules, punishments, and other things that revolve around a sexual assault charge.

1. What does sexual assault entail?

Sexual assault can be many different things. It can be a touch or a pass made at someone in public, like an unsolicited touch on the backside, it can mean rape, or it can mean anything in between the two. Any action with sexual implications that is not consented to by both parties.

2. When should you seek out a sexual assault lawyer?

If you have been sexually assaulted in any way or if you believe you have been sexually assaulted in any way but are not sure, you should contact a lawyer. They have a firm knowledge and can help you make a clear plan of what to do in the aftermath of the situation.

Simply put, if you have been made to feel uncomfortable as a result of a sexual advance or sexual experience, you should seek legal help.

3. When should you seek out a sexual assault lawyer?

The best case would be to find legal help as soon as possible after the event. This helps to make sure that small but important details are not missed, that any potential witnesses and people who may know you or the perpetrator are around and may be able to help with your case.

However, if you were a victim of sexual assault many years ago, it does not mean that you cannot still pursue a case. There are many reasons why victims may not come forward and accuse their abusers immediately after it occurs. The law recognizes that, and encourages victims to come forward any time after the assault, even if it is years later.

4. What will the sexual assault lawyer do?

Sexual assault lawyers are aware of the sensitive nature of a case like this. These lawyers will take the necessary measures to ensure you are as comfortable as possible in meeting them and running through the details of your case. They will handle these cases delicately to try and promote a positive healing process for the victim, and they can also help the victim seek out counselling or other psychological help.

Aside from the things they will do to make sure the victim is comfortable and taken care of, they will also work to ensure that the abuser is given the punishment they deserve for their crime, and try to make that legal process go as smoothly as possible.

5. Another kind of sexual assault lawyers

There are two sides to every story. There are sexual assault lawyers who focus on the victim and on the personal injury done, and then there are sexual assault lawyers who defend the assailant. These lawyers try to lower the punishment the assailant receives. They will use a number of defense tactics to do so. Some of the defenses used include saying that the victim did, in fact, consent, and that the event did not happen. If the attacker is pleading not guilty, it will create a he-said-she-said situation in which both parties will try to find undeniable proof of their side of the story.

Sexual assault is a broad and difficult subject to broach, but it is important that victims get legal help in these events to help ensure the attacker doesn’t attack again.