5 Environmentally Friendly Products You Can Use for Shipping

March 10, 2018 0

Packing fragile items takes extra care, especially when shipping them to another location. Whether your product is being mailed, couriered, or sent by other modes of transportation it is important to safeguard the precious piece from breaking while en route.

There are many materials used to secure your product, so it does not get damaged while being moved. Some popular resources can cause damage to your breakables, while others are wasteful, adding to the over flowing landfills.

For the savvy packer, there are plenty of recyclable materials you can use to protect your merchandise in environmentally friendly fabrics. The best reusable packing materials for your fragile include:

1. Packing Peanuts

Packing peanuts are one of the best products for shipping delicate pieces. Not only do they fill in the gaps, but they absorb the shock that happens from the movement of the parcel, adding extra protection the valuables inside. Some peanut packers are made with recycled materials while others are not. Those that are not recyclable can be easily reused for other shipments, so they do not have to be sent to the trash.

2. Paper Products

Recycling paper is one of the best methods to save our precious trees. Papery products can be used and reused in various ways to keep fine materials from being harmed. It can be wrapped around the piece, shredded, crinkled inside to fill the spaces, or layered on and around the items being shipped.

Most paper types can be manipulated to fill the voids easily and are shock absorbent; adding further protection to the parcel.

Newspaper is not recommended by many professionals for several reasons. The Ink can rub off onto the fabric inside the box, damaging the piece. It is more abrasive than other paper products, so it can also scratch the surface of fine glassware.  Because of the processing that newsprint goes through, the pages lose their shock absorbency, so it is less protective than other paper types.

3. Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard is a thicker and sturdier form of papery materials. This environmentally friendly packing utensil is one of the most common forms of belonging mailers. They come in a variety of sizes, and thicknesses for total protection. Placing a smaller box inside a larger one, then filling the spaces with other earth friendly fabrics will keep your cargo safe and damage free while in transit.

4. Egg Cartons

Egg cartons have many uses when it comes to transporting goods. They can be used as a smaller storage device inside a larger crate; they can be used to fill spaces to add extra cushioning. The holders can be cut in half and used in sections to provide extra protection around the object.

5. Coffee Filters

When paper sheets are not available, unused coffee filters are the next best thing. They can be used the same way papery materials are relied upon including wrapping around objects, filling extra spaces and layering between items. The eco-friendly fabric is soft on your most cherished glass and porcelains, so it will not scratch or stain the trinkets.

Today, sending parcels through the mail has never been easier. With the variety of packaging supplies and products on the market, you can quickly and easily ship your valuables anywhere in the world safely and effectively if wrapped properly.

Using environmentally friendly fabrics to secure your belongings when shipping them to other locations will not only protect your merchandise from harm, but they will also protect the planet from unfriendly, damaging waste.

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