4 Common Sense Tips to Keep Your Locks Secure

October 12, 2018 0

A strong lock can make you feel much safer wherever you are. In this day, safety isn’t always guaranteed, and that is precisely why people need to take the few extra steps to ensure that they can feel completely secure whenever they are at home. A good lock is one thing, but how long does a good lock last, exactly? How long does it take before that sturdy lock you installed grows far too weak to be entirely effective against an intruder?

Well, the answer is surprisingly long, actually. However, this comes at the cost of properly maintaining your locks so that you get the most that you can out of them. Naturally, not many people will be overly educated about the finer points of lock maintenance, so that is why you’ll be able to find a neat little guide about maintaining your home’s locks in the words written below.

1. Wear and Tear

Take a moment to really think about exactly how many times we use our locks every day. Locking, unlocking, and repeat, the total number of times we go through this process per week must be pretty high, right? This is why it is important to keep a close eye on your locks.

Periodically checking them for rough wear and tear can give you a good indication of the how much longer you can expect it to be good for. If your lock needs to be replaced or you feel that repairs can be made, then you can most certainly attempt to take care of it yourself. However, you always have the option to call your local locksmith to lend you a helping hand if needed.

2. Lubrication

Once again thinking about how often we use our locks, you can probably imagine that all of the friction from repeated use will dry the lock out pretty quickly. This can lead to the lock malfunctioning or even breaking, so it is best to avoid that altogether.

Luckily, there is an incredibly easy fix for this! Simply look into a brand of lock lubricant that fits your needs the best or ask your local locksmith about what they would suggest you use. A quick spray around the lock once a year and that particular issue is instantly gone! It’s always so nice when these things are easy to deal with, right?

3. Duplicate Keys

Lock health also extends to their smaller counterparts, the keys. As many people will know, keys are surprisingly expendable, as in they can break easily and get lost in a blink. Having some spare keys around can save you a ton of grief in the long run, as you never want to be locked out of your home due to the sudden loss of a faithful key.

Plus, if you ever feel short on keys, or if you have a bit of a habit of losing them, then you can have as many copies made as necessary.

4. Consult Your Locksmith

This tip has been mentioned repeatedly within this guide, but it bears saying once more: consult your locksmith! It is true that you can take a crash course on lock installation and maintenance on the internet, but isn’t it a good idea to have a professional take the occasional look just to be safe? They can give you tons of advice on how to handle the common issues of lock maintenance and even make a few improvements to the locks you already have, if you want.

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