4 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Phone Calls

June 20, 2018 0

Many businesses know that providing excellent customer service is one of the most important things it can provide. Yes, there are businesses that do not provide good service and some can be downright rude. However, successful ones know and value what good customer service can do. Sometimes, it can make all the difference. If a company starts growing, then it can get harder to provide the same level of good customer service.

One solution to this problem is to outsource the calls to a call centre. People in a call centre are trained and can deal with the influx of calls professionally, courteously and in a timely manner. It will make a huge difference to your business, so let’s look closer at some of the reasons to use a call centre.

1. Great Customer Service

When a customer calls, they want to hear a friendly and knowledgeable staff member who will treat them with courtesy and respect. They also want their problems to be dealt with quickly. If this does not happen, then your business could lose a lot of customers who will no doubt be going to your competitors. Remember just as word of mouth recommendations are powerful, negative feedback is just as powerful which can turn others against you. Once you get a bad reputation, it can be difficult to shake off. Excellent customer service will make customers feel like you care about them. A happy customer is a loyal customer.

2. Less Pressure On Staff

If a call centre takes the bulk of the calls, then your normal staff will not be under so much pressure, resulting in them being happier and able to do their other duties properly. If they have other responsibilities and are stressed, then they may not be able to handle a difficult phone call from an irate customer. This is a situation that can escalate and while your staff should have remained professional, going through stress can make someone say something out of turn.

3. Tailored Training

Call centre staff are very well-trained and can be tailored to suit your business. That means anyone who calls will have no idea they are talking to a call centre agent because the agent will sound like an actual employee of your business. They will be trained and can handle some of the enquiries themselves so that customers feel happy that their issues are being dealt with quickly. They can also assist callers by directing them to the right person or department. No caller will be treated badly and all callers will have a more pleasant experience.

4. Ability To Up The Ante

When you use a call centre, you can increase their involvement as your business grows. Let’s say that your business suddenly takes off and you are getting 3 times the number of calls, all you have to do is to arrange it with the call centre to increase staff requirements to handle this extra volume.

As demand grows and more calls come in, rather than hire new staff, get the call centre to help with the increase in calls. Your staff are happier and can be more productive while the call centre handles the customers and helps them with enquiries. The end result is that everyone’s a winner.

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