3 Important Lessons When Teaching Ballet

April 4, 2018 0

The Internet is a great resource for many things, even for dancing. Many people use the Internet to gain information or knowledge on a wide variety of things. It is possible to learn to play a musical instrument or learn dancing by watching YouTube videos.

While this is okay, if you really want the full benefit, especially when it comes to learning contemporary dance, nothing beats the guidance of having a teacher who can guide and supervise you every step of the way. You won’t know what mistakes you are making, or how you can improve on something just by watching videos. Sometimes, you just can’t beat having an actual teacher in a dance class setting. Here are some of the best lessons when you’re teaching ballet classes.

1. Supervision Breaks Bad Habits

Sometimes, as you learn, you may have certain bad habits or incorrect posture which only a teacher present at the scene can address and correct. If you try to learn contemporary dance online by watching videos, you cannot really tell if you are doing something wrong.

It could be quite subtle, but a teacher can correct it, otherwise, you end up doing something incorrectly until it becomes second nature to you. Then, it can be very hard to break that habit. It is much easier to learn something rather than to unlearn it. Posture and balance are things that, no matter how good a video is, cannot be fully and properly addressed or corrected unless you have guidance.

2. Proper Guidance Can Prevent Injuries

Everyone has their own skill level. You need to perform and progress at your own skill level and use the right muscles and techniques, or you could end up hurting yourself. If you want to practice on your own, it is alright to do so if you actually go to a class first, because in a class, you would have been doing moves over and over and attained a certain level and fluidity, so then, you will be confident to practice on your own at home.

However, if you have never been to a class, you can easily end up hurting yourself. Don’t be fooled into thinking that a professional dancer makes it look easy, so therefore, it must be easy. If you leap and land incorrectly, you could fall and break a bone, so be careful!

3. Classes Are Bright & Safe

In a professional class setting, the space with which you can work will be well-lit and safe. You have a lot of space to work. At home, this can be difficult. The space you have at home may not be good enough to perform certain moves. If you lose your balance, you could go crashing into something and things could topple all over you! It’s not as safe as you would be in a class setting. The lighting may not be conducive to practicing properly either. In a class, a teacher can watch over you and keep you safe because of the experience he or she has.

A teacher can also offer advice and teach you to be mentally focused. You will be able to improve and grow faster with their guidance as opposed to being left to your own devices. It will be more enjoyable as you get better and grow in confidence.

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