3 Benefits of Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

January 28, 2018

For many industries, moving to production on a new product has traditionally meant a lengthy rollout and an expensive process. However, for many products, custom sheet metal fabrication is a fantastic alternative manner in which to produce high-quality, long-lasting products. Many industries, including medical supplies, restaurant supplies, and even toys and recreational devices. Industries are turning to sheet metal fabrication in order to fulfill their production needs.

No longer the remit of only industrial warehouses and major manufacturing, custom sheet metal can be a good choice for almost any production need imaginable. Here are three key reasons to consider sheet metal fabrication for your production needs:

1. Easier Changes to Modeling Over Plastic Molds

One of the biggest advantages to sheet metal is that it is very easy to rework a design. Traditional plastic molds must be entirely re-worked and re-cast for every single design change, no matter how minor. Sheet metal is bendable, pliable, and able to be recut, allowing for a great deal of flexibility during the design phase and into the first test production.

For companies looking to manufacture goods, this means fewer returns to the design team and a much faster time to production. Stakeholders will appreciate the much more streamlined process that custom sheet metal permits to the company.

2. Inexpensive and Expedited Production Time

Of course, due to its more flexible nature and the fact that most sheet metal shops contain all of the necessary resources in one place (such as welders and cutters), moving from design to full product rollout is much faster than other production methods. By expediting the production time, you not only save money and man hours, but also get your product to market faster, allowing you to be the most cutting-edge in your industry.

Ease of redesign allows the sheet metal fabricator to make minor changes even after production has begun, which permits you to move with the market as required. And, of course, inexpensive sheet metal is one of the lowest cost materials out there for production.

3. High-Level Precision and Customization

Sheet metal has other advantages over traditional production materials. Firstly, it permits an extremely high level of precision crafting, enhanced by laser cutting and measurement, that exceeds almost any other material available. Sheet metal can deliver perfection that is unattainable by plastic casting.

Finally, sheet metal can be finished with coatings to customize the products appearance in almost any manner imaginable. The end product will be attractive, durable, and easy to clean.

For those looking to move a product to market, it is well worth considering custom sheet metal fabrication for your next product launch to save money, eliminate time and energy waste, and enhance the product’s quality.