May 13, 2013


This weekend was fantastic! I was spoiled rotten. On Friday, Elliott and I spent the day with some friends (specifically his girlfriend - yes, he's taken) and Saturday was spent running errands, doing chores and spoiling me. Mother's Day? More like Mother's weekend! Sunday was filled with amazing food including this, and oh so thoughtful gifts like some framed art from little man and these lights! Preston made them for me and hung them over my new desk! That man. He knows me so well. We're going to add a third light and I think I will paint the lids to add a bit of color. I love them! It took a while to explain to Elliott that the gifts were for me and there weren't any for him. But I did let him open a few for me. I hope all you mama's had a great Mother's Day! Happy Monday!


  1. hi kersey! we met at the vivint blogger's tea before the salt lake alt summit, and we were in the same AFE q&a class today. cute kiddos and i love that light! nice to "see" you again in class today. - corrine

    1. Hi Corrine!

      Nice to "see" you again as well :) Hope you enjoyed Alt For Everyone as much as I did!