Feb 21, 2013


The oscars are in just a few days, are you as excited as I am? I feel like I am more invested than ever in the nominees. I might cry is some of them win! We always host a small party for a few movie loving friends of ours. This year I am trying to keep things pretty simple. I designed the invitations to portray the simplicity of the feel of the party. We'll see if it was effective! Of course, I had to include some glittery confetti. Of course! We asked our guests to all bring a dessert that is related to one of the films up for best picture. I can't wait to see what they come up with! 


  1. Ahhhhh! This looks like it's going to be your best oscars yet. So sad we aren't near enough to attend. (though... Weighing how awesome it will surely be, it's almost enough to make one book a ticket.) love the invitation! Have fun.

    1. You are absolutely invited! But we understand if you can't make it. Maybe next year?

  2. oh! love the oscars (watching them right now;) have fun tonight watching them and it was great getting to meet you at alt!