Feb 12, 2013


I write this post with a cry ball in my throat and a mist in my eyes. My baby is four! But enough of that. On to the party! Elliott requested an orange and yellow party. Color themed birthday parties are the absolute easiest to throw. If you can, try and get your kiddo on board with a color birthday party. We invited a few close friends and family and just had some good orange and yellow fun. We had all orange and yellow food and drinks like pineapple and cantaloupe skewers, orange soda ice cream floats and of course, orange and yellow cupcakes. We had everyone wear orange and yellow too. I think/hope everyone had as much fun as we did!
Happy birthday baby boy. We love you so.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ELLIOT!! Aww he's a cutie!

    I love your orange & yellow theme!! Very awesome!

    Ergo - Blog

  2. I think I want my next birthday to be orange and yellow themed. Your cake stand looks awesome!

  3. Thanks, Nikki! I had my reservations about the color combo but I love how it turned out.