May 24, 2012


We love B. toys but our most recent favorite are Stackadoos! They are a type of building block but unlike blocks like legos, you can build Stackadoos sideways, long ways, short ways or any other type of ways you can think of. They're not limiting and allow for a lot of creativity! Build a train, a rocket, a house or a hair brush. Oh, and I love the colors! Seriously, hours of fun. And not just for the kiddos!
 Happy building!


  1. Looks like tons of fun. We have started to play more elaborate games with our one year old daughter. Building and creating stuff sure looks fun to me!

  2. Those are a remake of a vintage toy! I used to play with an old set of those in our family cottage in Maine. I'll have to take a look at the box when I'm up there in a month. I forget what they're called. I don't think it's stackadoos though.

  3. Bristle Blocks! The name came to me. Haha.

    1. I remember those! These are also called bristle blocks. Bristle block stackadoos I believe is the proper name. But since when am I proper? ha!

  4. Oh, I used to have those when I was a child, no-one remembers them when I mention them. The brand was Daki here in Argentina, I think.