May 14, 2012


We were spoiled this weekend. Our good, good friends were visiting us and we had a grand ole' time. We explored the city, ate amazing food, had some laughs and snuggled like crazy with their baby boy. Just look at those cheeks! Elliott really loved "playing" with him, which usually consisted of Elliott putting a toy near or on the baby's head, getting really close to his face and saying "hi there!" It was adorable. Mother's day was fantastic too. We started celebrating on Saturday and we're still going! Just how I like it :) I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Happy Monday!


  1. SO JEALOUS!!! glad you guys are having a grand time! you need to post a few pics of you WITH your visitors :)

  2. Look at those cheeks! I love them... forget pinching them, I have to kiss them! There's nothing in the world like kissing chubby baby cheeks! Muah!!