Jan 26, 2012


Sorry for the late/non-inspiring post today! My computer's power cord died so I had to run to the closest apple store and well...it took longer than it should have. 

So, Preston and Elliott are out of town for a week. A whole week! I've never really been alone for that long especially from Elliott and I'm not going to lie, it sucks. A lot. I have decided to try and look at this as a "vacation" for myself and I plan on doing some fun things in the city, but I also want to take advantage of this time and work on some projects I've been needing to get to. So basically, I'll be here (home) with little trips here and there - hopefully not to the apple store. It's hard being away from the ones you love, but It's comforting to know that 1. They are probably being spoiled rotten (they're with my family) and 2. I get to see this face in a week!
How's that for glass half full?


  1. why are the boys in utah withOUT you? you definitely need to crank up some music, dance, and enjoy some alone time!!!

    1. Preston's film is in a film festival out there and he has to present so they flew him out. Of course my family was like "FLY OUT ELLIOTT TOO!!" So we did. You better believe there will be some music crankin' booty shakin' going on over here!