Oct 3, 2011

pizza with a side of OCD

This weekend we discovered the best pizza place around. Seriously, it was amazing. We also discovered that Elliott is a tad OCD. We knew he was particular about certain things and at random times, but now we know it goes a little beyond that. His blocks had to be just so, and the animals had to be evenly spread out and all facing the same direction on top of the blocks. Then he turns around and goes against the whole Monk OCD stereotype and slathers his face in paint! That child is a mystery!

What did you discover this weekend?


  1. I want some of that Pizza too! I bet that day we all painted our faces with washable markers is the reason he paints his face! :-)

  2. Hey Kersey, Just so ya know...Chris was like that when he was little. All the cars lined up, by color, etc. Made me wonder! But now, he is just a total slob. Messy house, but looks totally put together when you see him. Don't see any OCD anyWHERE! LOL!


  3. haha! I guess it's a characteristic of boys then!