Sep 2, 2011

happy weekend!

Here are my three favorite parts of the day (with Elliott): When he wakes up yelling "Good Morning!", when he goes to bed (relief!) and bath time. He takes a bunch of his animals, lines them up on the side of the tub and counts them over and over. Of course, the horse is his favorite, hence the kiss :) I'd love to know, what are your favorite parts of the day?

Friends, what are you doing this labor day weekend? Have any fun "say goodbye to summer" plans? We're planning a little excursion downtown, having dinner with some friends, and hopefully a little relaxing. Whatever you do for labor day I hope you have a great weekend!

Here are my favorite links for the week, enjoy!

{Sweet paper for your walls}
{In love with these kid's moccs}
{Genius! A snack box}
{Where's your baby from?}


  1. never okay with saying bye to summer.. but your lil one is just so adorable!

  2. my fav part of the day is when i wake up and step outside with my pup. i love that fresh air in the morning!
    xo dana

  3. I miss labor day, it's like the perfect all american weekend ever - have a great one!!

  4. ADORABLE! Favorite parts of the day is waking up in the morning before anyone else and having an hour of peace and quiet.

    - hc

  5. the home curator,

    I never thought of getting up BEFORE everyone else to get my "me" time. Genius!