Aug 12, 2011

welcome to HOBOKEN!

Friends, I have a lot to fill you in on. To keep a 3 week long story short-ish, here it goes:

We left Utah on Tuesday (July 19th), on Thursday our rental truck broke down 1 mile from a friend of ours' home where we were staying for the night. By Friday afternoon, Penske got it together and got us a new truck (a much bigger truck), by Saturday we were in NYC and found out that we are too poor to live there and since we have no proof of future income, decided we are going to have to look elsewhere. For an additional 2 weeks + we were homeless and subletting an apartment where no children are allowed. Thankfully my parents kept Elliott for us till we found a place but let me tell you, being away from your child for that long is absolute torture. Absolutely the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. After meeting with several realtors, we were referred to New Jersey and in comes Hoboken! Hoboken is one of the quaintest towns I have ever been to. It is family friendly, clean, has everything you need and is only a 7 minute train ride to down town NY. Oh, and the rent is way more affordable. I really think that Hoboken is the best kept secret around NY. Seriously, Liz has it right, Say YES! to Hoboken! We'll have more pictures of our new (pretty much perfect for us) apartment soon.

This past Monday, we moved all of our belongings from a storage unit in Harlem into our new apartment and Tuesday night, Elliott and my mom got here, and we've been unpacking and enjoying Hoboken/NYC every minute. We are very excited to explore Hoboken and NY and discover all the fun things they both have to offer. If you have any tips/advice about the area, please share!

photo from here


  1. what an adventure. really glad you made it! i'm going to be there in a couple of weeks, we should meet up!

  2. YAHOO! let the adventures begin!

  3. Kersey, you are going to have so many awesome things to see and do. Can't wait to keep up with all of your adventures! xo.

  4. Thanks ladies! Love that all three of your comments included the word "adventure" :) I'm sure we will have plenty!

  5. I know I'm super late, but wow, what a trip to get where you are! So glad everything worked itself out. I have loved seeing sweet Elliot on all your instas. XO