Jun 9, 2011

my little man took a spill...

Tuesday morning Elliott had a pretty bad fall and while I don't want to go into too many details, his nose may or may not be broken. He went from Monday afternoon looking like this:
To now looking like this...
Heart breaking, right? I have to admit, I did freak out more than I should have. Freaking out is probably the worst thing you can do when your child is in crisis. They need you to be strong for them and sooth them. You're their anchor! I keep telling myself that next time I'll be a little more prepared...maybe. We go back to the doctor tomorrow to see if it is actually broken or not. They couldn't tell because of all of the swelling, but hopefully they'll give us some good news!

Have you been through something like this with your child? I swear it's by far the most painful thing I have ever experienced. Do you have any tips of how to stay calm in crisis? Please, share!


  1. awwwww poor fellow! Thank God kids are like elastics! Bounce right back!
    Hopefully he recovers quickly - think it will take you longer than him though!
    -Meagan Row House Nest

  2. ELLIOTT! poor little guy!!! i cant believe he is SMILING in the picture, what a sweet baby. oh kerz, im so sorry youve had to go through that. give that little man a kiss for me!

  3. Oh my gosh, I totally feel your pain!! Our old house had nasty linoleum stairs with metal strips on the edges of our stairs & Penelope fell face forward (on her way up the stairs) on the stair. I found her in a puddle of blood & blood all over her face. I just completely fell apart!! My sweet little baby was broken!

    I totally freaked out & Penelope was the calm one. While I was rushing her to the insta care I was bawling my eyes out while P was saying, "I'm okay, mommy. I'm okay." I felt horrible. Now you can't even see the scar!

    I hope Elliott gets better soon!!

  4. Thanks you guys! Elliott has certainly been a trooper through all of it. At the doctor's office he just kept apologizing to me. So sad! But now he's as happy as ever.

  5. Oh no! Poor little guy! I hope all will turn out well at the doctors. And I can completely relate - when my daughter was 2 she choked on a piece of candy and turned completely purple. As the seconds ticked by and she could not breath I became more and more frantic. The first aid class I had taken as a teen was no use to me in the face of the utter desperation I felt. I was losing my baby. Thankfully my mom was there and helped to take over since panic made me completely useless. Finally as my daughter began to lose consciousness the candy slipped down and she was able to breath again. Truly the most terrifying experience of my life.
    So as far as words of advice...don't do what I did (lol). In more recent times of injury I've been able to go into a kind of trance-like calm (while freaking out internally), by telling myself that her health depends upon my ability to keep her calm. Phew...that was long (and not terribly helpful), but I just wanted you to know that you're not alone. Sending get well hugs you and your son's way. xo Ez

  6. hey, at least he's grinning in that picture! he's so cute. i told maren about this the other day, and she keeps telling people, "my friend hurt his nose. it's broken" we hope it's not actually broken.

  7. Elliot wins. Rhys fell down and had to have the bridge of his nose dermabonded back together last week, but poor Elliot has it a lot worse! Our poor little guys! I freaked out, but I don't think Rhys noticed. He was too busy playing with the blood that was gushing out of his face and onto my shirt. Dear me, it was awful!