Feb 15, 2011

my new camera

Some of you know that I have been saving up for a new camera. Well, Preston surprised me big time with a new camera for valentine's day!
 Isn't it beautiful? It was so unexpected! After he handed it to me, he "took a picture" of us with him kissing me on the cheek.
 And though it's not an instant camera, magically the picture he took of us popped out from the bottom!
 Pretty amazing, right?
Ok, so seriously. I have one talented/creative hubby. I still have a long way to go till I have enough for my new REAL camera, but I absolutely love this one! The sketch he made of us is actually one of my favorite pictures we took of ourselves when we were dating (awww) And on the back is a sweet/mushy message.  Hope you all had a fabulous valentine's day!


  1. thanks Adele! I'm a lucky girl :)

  2. What a gem! My mister made a diorama mixed tape out of an old boom-box which I thought was pretty good. but this is so darn sweet, what a keeper!

  3. one of the cuter things i've seen. so sweet