Jan 28, 2011

have a wonderful weekend

 Photograph by: Marika
I'm not sure what it is about this picture, maybe it's the vintage feel mixed with a polar bear, but I love it. What are your plans for the weekend friends? Doing anything fun? Taking advantage of the snow perhaps? Unfortunately, the majority of our weekend will be consumed with work. But I'm going to try and squeeze some fun in there somewhere! Have a wonderful weekend, friends.

{Never forget another birthday/anniversary again with this}
{If I wore makeup, I would keep it in this}
{Perhaps the most beautiful post-its ever}
{LOVE these coasters}
{A beautiful necklace for a special occasion}
{Aren't these cakes a-mazing?}
{A new definition to personalized stationary}
{I always love Lisa's photographs, but this girl is just adorable! Love the braid}


  1. My hopeful plan for today is to make homebrew for the first time! My for-certain plans are to do lots of homework, clean my apartment, and take some moccasin slippers back to Target because they were too small. Tonight I'm attending a party with an "80's prom" theme, so that should be awesome. Tomorrow I'm going for a bike ride with Amy Nieto, whose fabulous items and shop you've mentioned a couple times recently. :o)

  2. That sounds awesome Brittany! Especially the 80's prom + the bike ride, SO jealous! Have fun :)