Jan 21, 2011

have a fun weekend

{photograph by: Sebastiaan Bremer}

Happy friday friends! I am very excited for the weekend. I am going out with a dear friend to celebrate her birthday (much needed girl time), and am looking forward to working on some projects with the mister (I promise I'll try and get some pictures). What are your plans? Doing anything exciting, new, fun, or otherwise memorable? I'd love to hear! Whatever you do, have a fun weekend :)

Some of my favorite links for this week, enjoy!

{A diy I have to try}
{An amazing geometric collection}
{I'll take a great new pear recipe any day!}
{Maia's Etsy round-ups never cease to amaze me}
{Attention Arizonians, Bijou Market is coming!}
{For those who love moccasins + clogs}
{The giveaway ends tonight, how many people have you told? Think you'll win?}

p.s. I want to find this valley in the photo and spend a whole day there.


  1. Your so sweet to mention my etsy round-ups, It's always nice to know that what your doing is appreciated and by a respected blogger no less. Your blog has been inspiring as always lately keep up the good work!

  2. aww thanks Maia, you're sweet! Your round-ups (like you and your blog) are amazing!