Oct 29, 2010

happy halloween weekend

Photograph: unknown
Happy Halloween friends! I am so excited for this Halloween, the festivities should be a blast! Elliott is getting to the age where he might understand he's getting free candy. Should be interesting! Tonight is the big Halloween party and I have LOADS to do still, so Happy Halloween and have a great weekend!

 Some great links to tide you over till Monday:

{love these photos - stunning!}

{absolutely using this blood spattered utensil idea}

{very tempted to try these wooden wick candles}

{wishing i had seen these adorable lanterns earlier}

{some beautiful hair-dos}

{caroline's jewelry sale, get it while it lasts!}

bird & banner

So many wonderful things from bird & banner. I especially love these festive invites! {via Oh Happy Day}

lovely lampshades

These lampshades from Design Bark are incredible! The mixture of wood grain, geometric shapes and colors...just stunning!

Oct 28, 2010


I've been on a search for a new perfume and I found these lovely little bottles from Anthropologie. I haven't smelled them yet, but isn't the packaging lovely?

DIY art gallery

I love this idea of a DIY art gallery. Easy, fun and cheap! {via hip hip hooray!}


 I love the whole feel of this adorable shop from Wanderlust. A vintage shop on wheels. Genius!
{via modish}

Oct 27, 2010

a win, win bag

LOVE this carry all bag from Lets Play All Day. Gorgeous, and very affordable. Win, win!

little boots

Aren't these little boy boots adorable? Pair them with a pair of gap mini skinny jeans and the little guy will be set!

good morning...

How about starting your morning with a warm cup of something in these sweet little mugs?

Oct 26, 2010

DIY chevron art

Love this DIY art over at decor8. We've been needing some art for our bedroom for a long time and I think this one may be perfect!

great curtains

Shower curtains are pretty much the focal point of any bathroom and I would just love one of these from Urban Outfitters to be the focal point of mine.

Oct 25, 2010

loving: nurseries

I always find myself admiring different nurseries I see online and these are some of my favorites!
{images 1-4 via Ohdeedoh} {image 5 via ISLY} {image 6 via ruffling feathers}


 These DIY paper lanterns from Frolic! are gorgeous! A definite must do for the next party.

c a r d i g a n

Some lovely items from C A R D I G A N. Stripes never get old. I'm pretty sure I will always love them.

Oct 22, 2010

happy fall weekend

 photograph by: abby try again
Have a lovely fall weekend friends! Ours will be pretty relaxed for the most part, with the occasional craft and final touches for the upcoming Halloween party. And for your weekend, here are this week's links! Enjoy!

{let the kid's art work shine with these magnets}

{love this geometric lamp}

{want this basket for my bike - so cute!}

{i want, no NEED this ottoman}

{getting these pajamas for the little man}

{may have to steal some ideas from this boy's bedding make over}

{this pillow is my next sewing project}

{must go here and here.}

DIY halloween finger pens

Today we have a DIY from yours truly! I made these for an upcoming Halloween party and thought I should share. They make for a great gift, party favor or just a fun craft with the kids.
  What you need:
- Crayola Air-Dry Clay
- pens (not clickers, but removable caped kind)
- black nail polish
- artificial nails
- strong glue
1. Paint the fake nails with the black polish and let dry.
2. Cover the pens (with out caps) with the crayola clay. Shape them to your liking. Be sure to leave enough room at the tip for the pen to still function. Cover them a little thick to prevent cracking. I went the "dead man's finger" route but add a few warts and some green to the mix and bam! You have a witch's finger!
3. Add (now dry) finger nail. Make sure it is secure in the clay so when it dries it will stay put.
4. Glue nails down to make sure they stay.
5. Let them dry! Usually takes 1-2 days for them to be completely dry/hard.
6. Enjoy!

hazel and hunter

So tempted by these pillows from hazel and hunter. Love the unique and "hand drawn" feel of them.

Oct 21, 2010

DIY fabric flower garland

I saw this tutorial and had to share. A sweet, simple, lovely way to spruce up your parties, or for the everyday!

dear: rivington

I discovered Dear: Rivington over on See Saw and loved everything I saw. Check it out, you won't be disappointed!

breakfast in bed

I wouldn't mind getting breakfast in bed on this fun little tray. Great way to start the morning!

Oct 20, 2010


 love the pleated/ruffled look of this bag from ninu.


 Some great looks from madewell. Love those striped tights!

kid's wallpaper

Who doesn't love hot air balloons? I'd love to do a wall in the little man's room in this hot air balloon wallpaper.

Oct 19, 2010

geometric post-its

Aren't these geometric shaped post-its great? I just love them. They'd look great on the pages of your current novel for book club covered with topics to discuss. They'd be the talk of the club!

juliette hogan

Not only are the clothes from Juliette Hogan gorgeous, but the styling is a-mazing. The whole winter collection is beautiful.

letterpress cookies

Such a great idea found over at Creature Comforts. I've been wanting to throw a vintage school themed dinner party for a while now and these would be perfect!