10 Highest Paying States for Project Managers

February 5, 2018 0

Nowadays, many companies are transforming themselves from classic organizational forms into dynamic project organizations. The development of technology and the globalization of the companies’ markets forced them to think and act in project terms, being the reason why project management has become a separate profession, and one of the most successful and important.

Successful and quality project management is a crucial segment of everyday business both in private companies and in state and public institutions. It is why you should definitely think about getting the project management certification, as this job is the job of the future. What you should be aware of is the fact that no one is born to be a successful project manager, as this is something you really need to practice, with a lot of everyday work on yourself.

Remember one thing; project managers are not bosses, and you should never treat the members of your team in that manner. Additionally, it is important to know that you will not have the same treatment in terms of salary anywhere in the world. If you read our list, you will see there are lots of differences, and we bring you the highest paying states for project managers.

  1. Texas

Project managers in Texas have the average annual salary of $123,230, making this State one of the highest paying one in this regard.

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  1. North Carolina

Project managers in North Carolina are also very well paid, as their average annual salary is $122,500.

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  1. Virginia

This State is a heaven for project managers, and if you are one of them, we assume you’re your average annual salary is $127,810.

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  1. Colorado

The average annual salary for project managers in Colorado is $131,150. Sounds incredible, doesn’t it?

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  1. Georgia

Many things to see and do in Georgia, and if you are a project manager, with your average annual salary of $114,970, you will get to experience everything.

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  1. Arkansas

The average annual salary in this State is $106,470, so if you live near and you are not satisfied with your current payment, maybe you should move to Arkansas!

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  1. Minnesota

If you are a project manager, then Minnesota may be a great choice for you, as the average annual salary for project managers in this State is $122,900.

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  1. Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is also among highest-paying countries for project managers. The average annual salary in this State goes around $119,690, which is more than great!

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  1. West Virginia

Although it offers the lowest salary among these States, the average annual salary for project managers that goes around 109,430 is still an excellent salary to go with.

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  1. Washington

If you want to live in this exclusive State, and if you are a project manager, make sure to remember that the average annual salary here will be around $121,120.

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