10 Fun Hollywood Theme Party Ideas for Seniors

March 18, 2019 0

Growing old is part of life’s journey. Seniors who are in their golden years may not be able to manage alone at home and may need some assistance or care. Men can manage to some extent, but for women the priority is safety. In earlier times, the retirement homes were looked upon with disdain, but these days there is greater acceptance. Even the rich and famous are investing in suitable retirement facilities because of the convenience, socializing and care.

Retirement homes are generally situated near public transportation making it easier for seniors to access buses and trains. Life is more relaxed, fun and entertaining even when you turn 75. You are no longer alone and you do not have to spend hours watching TV. With a retirement community, you will have many activities to enjoy.

Famous or not, aged seniors can enjoy the comfort of their retirement home and enjoy the Hollywood experience that some retirements have to offer. The Hollywood theme party gets seniors all decked up for an evening of glamour. The management of the facility hire hairdressers, makeup artists and costume designers to help make every woman look their best. This particular night puts the spotlight on all seniors.
Here are the ten Hollywood theme party ideas for seniors to enjoy:

1. Hollywood Make-Up

Women need a lot more time with preparation as they have to set their hair, put on their make-up and try different dresses to see which one will make them look fabulous. The retirement facility organizes and coordinates the preparation for senior women. The management set up a Hollywood party themed dressing room for women to look their best for the evening gala.

2. Glamorous Gowns and Dresses

The Hollywood theme party ideas should revolve around glamour. There are plenty of glamorous gowns and dresses to choose from. Women are lucky as they can choose from a wide range of gorgeous evening gowns that capture their style. There are unlimited choices on colors, shine and dress styles that will go well with the hair and make-up. Women walk out feeling and looking like a celebrity.

3. Press and Paparazzi

The best Hollywood theme party ideas revolve around the press and paparazzi. Residents are celebrities that get a lot of attention from the media. Many questions are asked during the event and photos taken as well. It is a press fiesta. The paparazzi will focus on dramatic stories about life and how it feels to be rich and famous.

4. Red Carpet

The Hollywood night transforms the event into a red carpet VIP experience. Seniors walk the red carpet and pose for the camera. Women especially show off their glamorous dresses and smile all evening. All the women look stunning with their shining gowns, hair all made up and pretty make-up. They feel important, unique and beautiful at the Hollywood gala.

5. Interviews

Exclusive interviews are conducted with different celebrities. Selected residents especially those who love being in the spotlight will get an opportunity to give an interview about their glamour experience.

6. Hollywood Decorations

The venue is amazing. It looks and feels like Hollywood because the decorations create a similar environment. Seniors get to see movie clapboards, gold cascading lights, Hollywood Star Decals, table centrepieces and celebrity banners. Seniors especially the women enjoy the glitz and glamour.

7. Socializing

The spotlight is on the seniors for the entire night, making it an unforgettable experience. Residents become famous in their golden years. The Hollywood theme party is similar to the Hollywood events on TV. There are awards, speeches and cameras. Residents receive Oscar awards for various categories such as the ‘Friendliest Resident’ or ‘Best Participant’. It is a special event, making each senior a star of the evening.

8. Evening Entertainment

The seniors enjoy a singalong with the evening’s entertainer. There are Oscar awards to be presented throughout the evening. The night is packed with special presentations and entertainment for everyone in attendance. It is an unforgettable Hollywood experience that makes life at the retirement home special and appreciative.

9. Trophies

Hollywood nights offer celebrities an opportunity to win an Oscar award or other trophies. There are nominations, winners, predictions and more on that day. It is the most prestigious award for the evening and celebrities become famous after that day. The awards are similar to the Oscars where stars have to stand on stage and present to the audience. There are many categories and many nominations, making it interesting for all attendees.

10. Photography

The event is not complete without star photography. It is part of the publicity, and all celebrities want to be seen more in public to maintain their fame. There are lights and cameras all over the event. The photography starts as soon as the celebrities walk the red carpet. The photographer captures a portrait posture for the media. Stars look their best and pose with style for the camera.

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